Kateřina Novohradská - módní návrhářka

Fashion and clothing designer Kateřina Novohradská – about me

My dearest present and future clients please allow me to introduce myself. I am a Czech fashion designer who creates mainly dance, wedding and formal dresses, figure skating costumes, and aerobic and gymnastics jerseys. However, I also enjoy designing casual wear and I do not forget about tailored suits for men.

I did not come from a designer’s family, nor did I use to live in the environment of fashion designers and fashion brands. My loved ones, however, said that my talent (not only for clothing design) showed very early on, so I graduated in the Arts and Design School of Glassmaking in Železný Brod. I fully worked on my models when I was studying clothing design at the Technical University in Liberec. The first dance dress worn by my sister Dashka, reaped such a success that I spent several years by designing only dance costumes, which I managed to sell in Europe, USA and Japan.

CT1, I created dance costumes for the first part of the competition STAR DANCE. . I have expanded my portfolio of aerobic and gymnastic dress and skating costumes..

I maintain a long-term cooperation with Tomas Verner and Michal Brezina, among my customers; there are also foreign figure skaters, such as Kevin van der Peren.

Recently I have become enthused by the art and fashion creations of theatrical costumes. I am the creator of the costumes for the play „At the End of the Rainbow“, „Healthy, Sick“ , "All about Women" či „Ladies' Dressing Room“..

My hobbies are, besides the creation of fashion trends and management of the fashion salon under the label "Kateřina Novohradská", psychology, yoga and photography.

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