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Model creation Women’s dance dresses

Women’s dance dresses

For our customers we design and make dance clothing, such as clothes for dance events, clothes for standard and Latin dances, dresses for Salsa and Flamenco, or dresses for oriental dance. We also design and make practice wear.

The following dresses can be ordered in three levels of design - no decoration, partly decorated, and richly decorated:

  • dresses for dancing lessons
  • dresses for Standard and Latin dance, or for dance exhibitions
  • dress for oriental dance, salsa and flamenco
  • dresses for casual dance
  • dresses for dance competitions

Dress for dance competitions

We have a fifteen-year old tradition in making clothes for dance sport. Dresses are usually richly decorated with cut stones and other decorations. In addition to a unique design, the costume must meet the strict standard of the highest quality and comfort. We know how to arrange everything to make you feel good; so we accompany you on the way to success.

Practice wear

Practice wear must be of the quality of sports clothes. Dancers should feel comfortable and the cloth should be well resistant to constant washing.

We offer Practice wear that meets all the requirements above. We offer:

  • women's training pants, skirts and "tops" for standard and Latin dance
  • men’s training pants for standard and Latin dances
  • elastic turtlenecks and "tops"

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