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Model creation Smart casual

"Smart casual" - modern careless elegance

Casual“ is a particular fashion style based on combinations of formal clothing such as suits, shirts and ties with informal items, such sweaters, shirts and jeans. The emphasis here is placed on the nobility of modern material principally fine and mexpensive clothing of natural origin. It can therefore be described as informal, casually elegant. This style is sometimes nicknamed as the fashion of modern cities. It is designed for women and men who do not go to work every day in formal dress or suit, i.e. for those who want to feel good and be elegant in any situation.

Casual fashion for women

We design and sew all the "casual" dress and suit with sophisticated details in the form of lacy tops or shiny blouses.

We produce:

Casual clothes

  • dresses with short and long sleeves
  • button-down dress
  • corsets for normal wear
  • ... other seasonal models

Casual suits and jackets

  • women's two-piece suits
  • single-breasted jacket with a lining
  • women's double-breasted jacket with a lining
  • women's suit for important social events
  • satin blouse
  • deluxe vest with lining or without
  • long and short skirts
  • trousers
  • summer and winter coats with lining or without

"Business casual" for men

We make comfortable and stylish casual clothes (casual jackets, shirts, and suits) for officials, entrepreneurs and those that wear suits everyday as "working clothes". We will help you choose the appropriate material.

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